Cocochoco Apron

Cocochoco Apron

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Introducing the exclusive Branded Cocochoco Apron, specially designed to meet the discerning needs of talented hairdressers like yourself. This exceptional apron boasts a sleek, modern fit in a captivating black colour, exuding an air of sophistication that effortlessly complements your professional style.

Equipped with not just one, but two thoughtfully placed pockets, this apron ensures that you have ample storage space for your essential hairdressing tools. From combs and brushes to clips and shears, you can keep your arsenal of hairstyling instruments close at hand, allowing for seamless efficiency in your craft.

Crafted from outstanding materials, this apron guarantees exceptional durability and resilience, ensuring it withstands the rigours of your bustling salon environment. Rest assured, it remains impervious to the common issue of shrinking over time, maintaining its impeccable fit and appearance throughout countless hair transformations.

But the Branded Cocochoco Apron is more than just a practical accessory; it’s an opportunity for you to showcase this unique brand and individuality. With its prominent branding, this apron becomes a statement piece, reflecting your dedication to your craft and your commitment to providing exceptional service. Let your clients know that when they see this apron, they are in the hands of a skilled and passionate hair professional.

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Cocochoco Professional creates the finest treatments that are unmatched. Once you experience their transforming effects, it becomes impossible to switch to any other products.

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The best Keratin Leave-in product. After just 3 applications I got comments that my hair looks so healthy. Love the Cocochoco products my hair never looked better most important healthier.

Sylwia Hadzimicew

The product itself is incredible! My hair is incredibly smooth and hydrated for about 3 months before I need to re apply the treatment. I've been using Cocochoco on my hair for about 5 years now on my dry, frizzy hair. Nothing in the past has worked in making my hair hydrated and manageable.

Jessica Ellison

Cocochoco's keratin treatment is a total game-changer! Not only has my hair stayed incredibly soft, smooth and shiny for three months AND GOING, the products I purchased had an incredible scent and texture, repairing my previously damaged hair from bleaching and heat styling. Thank you so much for making me feel so confident!

Emily Finnin

I absolutely adore these hair products, particularly the Argan Oil - its scent is divine. Their professionalism is impressive. The delivery is always prompt, and I receive a sweet little surprise in the package every time - so cute.

Violeta Nikodinovska

I am starting my own business for Keratin and approached Cocochoco for training. The staff were prompt with their responses and answered all my calls, if not, they called me back within 24 hrs. I flew to Melbourne for the training since the correspondence was such a great experience already. Thank you Resana

Beauty By V

Amazing!!! Absolutely amazing, if your thinking about purchasing please don’t hesitate. I have tried K18, Olaplex and they are rubbish compared to Cocochoco. First time using the shampoo, mask, blonde mousse, don’t even get me started on the mousse. Not a golden piece of blonde left in my hair. And the leave in treatment.

Maddy Smith

Amazing customer service! Order was shipped very fast, will definitely be a returning customer 😊

Bronte Worley

Fast, efficient ... Fantastic service we receive every time!

Deb Evans

I am really excited to work with such a well organised team, great culture, prompt reply, honest opinion they will definitely help you to choose the best product for your business and aftercare which is amazing. Thank you I will definitely come for me❤

Lina B

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