About Cocochoco Aftercare

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Cocochoco free sulphate shampoos and conditioners are specifically designed and dedicated for Cocochoco Keratin Treatment. Therefore, they are the only recommended products. Other sulphate free shampoos are not tested against the Cocochoco Keratin Treatment, so we can’t say if they are suitable or not (some will work some won’t). Many shampoos that are sulphate free will contain other ingredients that are not appropriate as aftercare and can wash away Cocochoco Keratin Treatment very quickly. It maybe last two to three weeks and hair will come back to frizz and curls.

One of the most common mistakes people make is purchasing Keratin shampoos instead of sulphate-free shampoos, as they mistakenly believe they are the same. It’s important to note that Keratin shampoos often contain sulphates, which can be detrimental to the hair. Since many of our or your clients are not professionals, they may not be aware of this crucial difference.

Cocochoco Aftercare products, although they may appear different, actually prolong the effects of the treatment, resulting in longer-lasting results. By investing in these products, clients will receive greater value for their money. While we cannot force anyone to purchase our Aftercare products, it is our responsibility to thoroughly explain the options to our clients and empower them to make an informed choice. If they decide to use a different type of Aftercare, we cannot guarantee the treatment’s longevity and cannot be held accountable for any potential issues.

Choosing to undergo the Cocochoco Treatment and then using inexpensive Aftercare products is akin to buying a beautiful white dress and washing it with red socks. It’s essential to use proper Aftercare products to maintain the treatment’s effectiveness. Our salon Aftercare products are also available for home use, with various size options to suit individual needs.

By using our recommended Cocochoco Aftercare Products, clients can avoid any potential complaints. We cannot vouch for the performance of every sulphate-free shampoo available in the market, which is why we strongly advise using our Aftercare products to ensure the best results and customer satisfaction.